Thursday, July 1, 2010

I like Peaches Geldof a lot because her face is adorable (and her body used to be nice as in healthy but not skinny-ish) and she's done many things since her youngest age even thought it clearly helped that her father is Bob Geldof. She can pull off ANY haircolor in my opinion. And, well, she's cute and she dresses in a weirdly, different way. +++ Just realized that we're both born on the 13th of march.
I think I always liked people that are (considered) fucked-up :)

Since school has ended, I haven't had time to have fun/party/enjoy holidays, except the 22d of june which was Grand Duke's bday (luxembourg's national day). Apart from that day, all I've done so far was moving which included empty two houses, and three houses to tidy up. I never eveeeer want to move again, that's for sure. I'm finally done with all that and I'm going back to Lux tomorrow in the afternoon. I'll finally get to see most of my friends and go out. Oh and I'm finally over my Iwannalookpale period, so I think it's time to get used to sunbath a little bit everyday as the weather's getting better and better.

new sunglasses with leopard print ;D I don't think I'll buy real wayfarers anytime soon cuz it's expensive and considerably RISKY as I lose everything I own. Would be a shame to get all excited over Raybans and forget them somewhere a week afterwards, don't you think? hehe

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not even salt can make your hands taste good

My new jeggings :)
Unfortunately wasn't allowed to go out this week-end, so guess who spent her saturday night at her gay neighbor's who are VERY MUCH into eurovision? yup, it had to be me. Now gonna share my opinions which includes lots of WTF's.
Spain: what. the. fuck. Azerbaijan: didn't like it, tryin' too hard to dance like Beyoncé. Belarus: awful. oh and the butterfly wings at the end.. couldn't stop laughing my ass off!! did they think it'd be original or something? xD Ireland: not an eurovision-ish song at all. NEXT. Greece: hmm, wasn't that bad I guess. UK: desastrous, no wonder they were lasts Serbia: MY FAVORITE, I really wanted them to win the contest.. Although the guy looked more japanese than an actual serbian :P Turkey: not what I expected at all. not bad at all. Georgia: pointless. Albania: no thanks Iceland: wtf Ukrania: nice voice I guess but NEXT. France: surprisingly a little catchy, expected a lot worse! Romania: liked it Russia: incredibly bad. the guy couldn't sing and the "what are you doing?" "i'm looking at her photo" was an enormous joke Armenia: didn't like it. Germany: it was ok but shouldn't have won in my opinion. Portugese: NEXT Israel: not catchy enough but I gotta say, hebrew(?) sounds cool Denmark: Soooo bad, and what's with the haircut, boy? Stinked of trying too hard.

So yeah, Serbia was by far my favorite. I'd also like to point out that the votes were strictly political, not in any case related to the songs.. and that sucks cos it's supposed to be about the music, not whoever colonized them before or is their neighbor.. What about you, opinions? xx

Saturday, May 29, 2010

(I've put off all my other articles offline.. don't ask why, i just felt like it) Hiii! This morning my mom decided to drag me to Trier for shopping.. My first thought was a big NO, but I decided it was time to shop again. Since 2010 has started, my money's basically gone into food, alcohol, tickets (train, bus, cinema, etc) and magazines. That's it. Sad huh? So hm, I spent a little less than 150 euros today :D it felt good spending money like that I must say, for once. Here's what the floor of my bedroom looked like this afternoon when I got home:

3 pair of ballerinas, gray jeggings+blackish top from Pieces, nailpolish from H&M, adidas tote bag, white purse for my nights out, black bag of a square-ish shape for school maybe, tons of makeup and body lotions and masks, and that kinda stuff :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi you guys! I'm 15, I live in Luxembourg and you can call me Elena.
I speak fluent French, Romanian and English ++also kind of understand Spanish, some German and can read Luxemburgish a little. I like to go shopping even though I'm always broke, hang out/party with friends (hmm, obviously), my Blackberry which I'd be absolutely lost without, people who smile and laugh a lot, tv-shows, my iPod, blogs (this isn't my first blogspot + I'm an avid tumblr lover haha), and a lot more. Got questions? here.