Saturday, May 29, 2010

(I've put off all my other articles offline.. don't ask why, i just felt like it) Hiii! This morning my mom decided to drag me to Trier for shopping.. My first thought was a big NO, but I decided it was time to shop again. Since 2010 has started, my money's basically gone into food, alcohol, tickets (train, bus, cinema, etc) and magazines. That's it. Sad huh? So hm, I spent a little less than 150 euros today :D it felt good spending money like that I must say, for once. Here's what the floor of my bedroom looked like this afternoon when I got home:

3 pair of ballerinas, gray jeggings+blackish top from Pieces, nailpolish from H&M, adidas tote bag, white purse for my nights out, black bag of a square-ish shape for school maybe, tons of makeup and body lotions and masks, and that kinda stuff :)

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  1. A girl can never have enough of ballerinas :) I love them, they are extremely comfy and goes with almost anything. Glad you went shopping, i mean look at those stuff :D