Sunday, May 30, 2010

Unfortunately wasn't allowed to go out this week-end, so guess who spent her saturday night at her gay neighbor's who are VERY MUCH into eurovision? yup, it had to be me. Now gonna share my opinions which includes lots of WTF's.
Spain: what. the. fuck. Azerbaijan: didn't like it, tryin' too hard to dance like Beyoncé. Belarus: awful. oh and the butterfly wings at the end.. couldn't stop laughing my ass off!! did they think it'd be original or something? xD Ireland: not an eurovision-ish song at all. NEXT. Greece: hmm, wasn't that bad I guess. UK: desastrous, no wonder they were lasts Serbia: MY FAVORITE, I really wanted them to win the contest.. Although the guy looked more japanese than an actual serbian :P Turkey: not what I expected at all. not bad at all. Georgia: pointless. Albania: no thanks Iceland: wtf Ukrania: nice voice I guess but NEXT. France: surprisingly a little catchy, expected a lot worse! Romania: liked it Russia: incredibly bad. the guy couldn't sing and the "what are you doing?" "i'm looking at her photo" was an enormous joke Armenia: didn't like it. Germany: it was ok but shouldn't have won in my opinion. Portugese: NEXT Israel: not catchy enough but I gotta say, hebrew(?) sounds cool Denmark: Soooo bad, and what's with the haircut, boy? Stinked of trying too hard.

So yeah, Serbia was by far my favorite. I'd also like to point out that the votes were strictly political, not in any case related to the songs.. and that sucks cos it's supposed to be about the music, not whoever colonized them before or is their neighbor.. What about you, opinions? xx


  1. I bought in H&M

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  2. moi j'ai trouvé serbia un peu.. ouais :p

  3. ouais bon, c'était rigolo :b

  4. pour le moment, je connais juste cette chanson, à cause de Vic, mais ils semblent d'etre pas mal :)

  5. jconnais juste cette chanson, à cause de Vic, mais ils semblent etre pas mal :)