Thursday, July 1, 2010

Since school has ended, I haven't had time to have fun/party/enjoy holidays, except the 22d of june which was Grand Duke's bday (luxembourg's national day). Apart from that day, all I've done so far was moving which included empty two houses, and three houses to tidy up. I never eveeeer want to move again, that's for sure. I'm finally done with all that and I'm going back to Lux tomorrow in the afternoon. I'll finally get to see most of my friends and go out. Oh and I'm finally over my Iwannalookpale period, so I think it's time to get used to sunbath a little bit everyday as the weather's getting better and better.

new sunglasses with leopard print ;D I don't think I'll buy real wayfarers anytime soon cuz it's expensive and considerably RISKY as I lose everything I own. Would be a shame to get all excited over Raybans and forget them somewhere a week afterwards, don't you think? hehe

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